"parallelizing" the two initial phases?

Eberhard Moenkeberg emoenke at gwdg.de
Tue Sep 7 22:27:55 GMT 2004


On Tue, 7 Sep 2004, Wayne Davison wrote:

> On Tue, Sep 07, 2004 at 10:48:31PM +0200, Eberhard Moenkeberg wrote:
> > So, my question (indeed more, a wish): wouldn't it be possible to start
> > bulding both databases in parallel, or shortly after each other?
> That would be possible, yes, but it might be tricky to get it efficient
> (since you would either need to poll the socket data while scanning the
> directories or to use a separate thread).

Later, there are two separate threads anyways.

> This double scan only occurs when the --delete option is used, so one
> change you can try is to switch over to using --delete-after.  This
> ensures that the transfer completes before the receiving side starts its
> directory-deletion scanning, making the timeout less disruptive.  If
> this works for you and if you have a hard time getting your users to
> change their habits, you could even install a custom rsync that would
> interpret --delete as --delete-after.

I will try that.

Cheers -e
Eberhard Moenkeberg (emoenke at gwdg.de, em at kki.org)

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