Problems of preserving file owership and uid&gid options in rsyncd.conf

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Wed Sep 1 05:18:43 GMT 2004


I am trying to transfer some files to a remote rsync server. I have to preserve the ownership of these files in the remote server for future possibility of copying them back.

The command I am using is:
rsync -Cav /var/log/mp3log server2::var/log/mp3log

I have tried to add -o and -g options but still can't reach my purpose. I also remember to add a same user name to the remote rsync server. So what's the problem of my command? 

Another question is: if I don't specify the root uid and gid in rsync.conf, it seems the rsync on the remote server doesn't has enough privilege to create folds, because it is using the uid 99 which is nobody. However, I can't find these same options as mine in the example script files. So what is the proper way to set the uid and gid options?. 

Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks!

my rsyncd.conf:
uid = root
gid = root

  path = /var
  comment = /var
  read only = no
  list = yes

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