[Bug 1959] writefd_unbuffered failed to write 4092 bytes phase send_file_entry broken pipe

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> Please see the issues/debugging page for instructions on how to figure out what
> is going on:
> http://rsync.samba.org/issues.html
> Note the recommendation to upgrade to 2.6.3 for its improved error reporting.

Hi.. we did extensive reserach on this and tried various alternatives:

One interesting thing that we noticed is that if the size of "any one
particular" directory is more than 152M, the rsync fails and encounters a hang

Again, this is only the case with with A->C transfer. 
A->B Transfer is working fine with the same set of directories.

A has rsync 2.6.2
B has rsync 2.5.7 : A->B works
C has rsync 2.6.2 : A->C doesnt work for directories > 152m

We have checked that this is also not due to some processes running and rsync
trying to overwrite that file.

This error is encountered for admin/log 

Are there any specific kernal parameters which need to be set for enabling
transfer of huge (read directories with size > some threshold) directories using
rsync. It pretty much looks as if some OS Limit is being crossed here.

e.g. the ls command needs some maxsize kernal parameter to be able to show file
listing if the # of files > some threshold number.

any pointers on this will be appreciated. We would really like to use rsync for
syncing up code trees for our erp product which we are implementing for our

thanks a lot.

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