Adding a file size limit option to rsync

Robert Clark robert.a.clark at
Fri Oct 8 04:38:38 GMT 2004

Hi,  I hacked rsync version 2.6.0 to support a file size limit. I did
this, because I could not find a way to do this with the existing
rsync options. I've been receiving the rsync digest for several
months, and habe not seen mention of this type of feature.,

This allows rsync to 'prune' out LARGE files when doing the sync. I've
been using this for about a month now to provide file size limited
snapshots of user's folders. The only problem is that I've only got it
working when the target host is the same as the source host. If I had
more time, I would like to correct this bug. I'd like to see this in
the released rsync, and I would be happy to post the context diffs.
Please let me know the correct way to proceed.

This is the abbreviated output from 'rsync ---help', showing the file
size limit option.

     --max-fsize=Kbytes      set file size backup limit Kbytes  1==1024bytes


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