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Tue Nov 23 12:30:14 GMT 2004


Probably you don't have environment variable CYGWIN=nontsec defined
somewhere in your system. By default, cygwin TRIES to map unix permissions
to windows acls and updates permissions accordingly. This may work and
make sense to some extent, if you have a full-blown cygwin environment and
always use it. Mostly this is not the case.

I recommend to use CYGWIN=nontsec when running rsync, to make sure that
cygwin does not disturb your windows permissions.

for more info.

Rgrds Tev

cwRsync maintainer

> Hi,
> I'm using rsync with cygwin to synchronize two windows servers. I've got
> files in server side with full permisions to Administrator user, but when
> i synchronize it with another windows server, the file placed in client
> side has a new group called NONE with read , write and execute permisions.
> I'm using the following line to call rsync:
> rsync -zvvvr   --perms --owner --group --progress --delete --size-only
> --owner Administrator at my_server::test_synchro C:\test
> And this configuration in server side:
> use chroot = false
> strict modes = false
> hosts allow = *
> log file = rsyncd.log
> pid file =
> # Module definitions
> # Make sure that writable modules are implemented as subdirectories of
> <cwRsync installation
> # directory>\data. That would ensure propagation of correct ownership for
> files/directories.
> #
> [test_synchro]
> path = D:\test
> read only = false
> transfer logging = yes
> comment = test to mayas01 from picture (wwwroot\PICTURES)
> Does anyone know how i might fix this error?
> Thanks in advance--
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