timeout and connection to remote rsync server

Micha³ Lasota mike at icd.waw.pl
Wed Nov 17 20:52:16 GMT 2004

I have two Suns with Solaris 9. I use rsync version 2.6.3.
I copy files from the local machine to a remote rsync server.
At the destination side I run rsync deamon via inetd.

command   rsync -av *.tmp backup1::tmp/

works well,

I tried simulate damage of backup1,
but when I disconnected backup1 machine and run command, rsync was still
waiting for connection.
I tried use this command:
rsync -av --timeout=30 *.tmp backup1::tmp/

but it didn't take an effect.

Is this option (--timeout) active in this case.
Maybe I made some particular mistake?

Michal Lasota

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