Remote server incremental rsync +ssh ?

Rod Rioux Rod.Rioux at
Wed Nov 17 20:52:11 GMT 2004

I would like to be able to run a backup  that compares to a directory but
puts changes into a new directory ie Monday/tues etc.. I have tried -backup
-backup-dir .. but I can't seem to get it to work right. Sometimes it works
but the incr. Directory it creates is empty, even when there are changes.
Here is my goal:


Localserver:                               Remote server:

Backupdir                                  Currentfiles

                                                Day of the week


Where the local server would compare files from the currentfiles and sync
changes to the day of the week. Then either sync day of the week to the
current directory for the next night, this is to happen all over ssh.


I know someone must have asked this question before, I tried looking through
the mailing list but found a lot of scripts that would do this to a
share/local .. but not over ssh..


Would something like this work ?

 rsync -backup -backup-dir=/backupstorage/Monday -e ssh -avz
/files/to/backup remoteserver:/backupstorage/current


Thanks for any help..



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