rsync --rsh not reading .ssh/config

Paul Slootman paul at
Thu Nov 11 22:01:30 GMT 2004

On Thu 11 Nov 2004, Bill Moseley wrote:
> Again, the problem seems that on this machine .ssh/config is not being
> read, but only when ssh is run via rsync.  My guess is this is just a
> problem with running the older rsync.  

Ah, you mean ".ssh/config is being read, but not when ssh is run via
rsync.". Your sentence is a bit confusing :-)

> Is that the case, and is there a workaround other than upgrading
> rsync?

What works a lot better is understanding the rsync syntax.

> Here's some examples of how it's not reading my .ssh/config:
> $ rsync -a --rsh="ssh -F $HOME/.ssh/config -i $HOME/.ssh/mysqldump" remotehost::
> unknown host: remotehost

When you use a double colon "host::", then you're telling ssh to connect
directly to the rsync daemon running on that host using port 873. In
other words, ssh does not come into the equation, so it's pretty logical
that the .ssh config isn't being read...

Use a single colon, and it should be as you expect.
This is covered in basically the first page of the manual.

Paul Slootman

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