rsync has saved me a lot of time :)

Srihari Vijayaraghavan sriharivijayaraghavan at
Wed Nov 10 12:21:52 GMT 2004

Here is how: I had Fedora Core 3 CD1, 2, 3 and 4 iso
files, and I knew the Fedora Core 3 DVD iso file is
mostly made up of those files in CD iso files.

I created an iso image of all the contents of those 4
iso files and then using rsync I sync'ed against an
rsync server. Rather than downloading (in case of ftp
and http etc.) 2+ GB of data, rsync managed to do it
all in just under 40 MB and just in few minutes
(rather than few hours in case http, ftp etc.). That
is great! Unbelivable!

Thank you for your great work!

PS: It seems rsync is not quite good at saving
bandwidth in case of bzip2 compressed files (like rpm
etc.). It ought to be a known fact.

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