Urgent: rsync hangs with large directories from windows

Manfred Rebentisch MRebentisch at comparat.de
Wed Nov 3 08:32:25 GMT 2004

I get hanging rsync-processes while synchronisize windows to linux, starting 
on linux.

The problem is not new, I found some mails in this list (archive) and on 
http://www.mikerubel.org/computers/rsync_snapshots/#Bugs too.

Example of the command:

rsync -e 'ssh  -i /backup/data/servers/identities/backup.W2000Server -p 22 -x 
-oForwardAgent=no -oClearAllForwardings=yes' --archive --delete --backup 
--numeric-ids --backup-dir=/backup/data/incoming/W2000Server/Daten/ 
backup at"D:/Datensicherung/ /backup/data/current/W2000Server/

I do read the source-code a little and I thought, it would be nice, to rewrite 
some parts of the code. But first I want to know, if somebody knows, where 
the point of failure is. I could try to look for details, if I get some more 
informations about the error.

Because there are no problems between two linux-systems, I think, there are 
errors in the cygwin-sources or in compiling the rsync.exe.

It would be great, if you can help me to get in, to find out more details.

Thank you in advance

Manfred Rebentisch

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