Jim Kleckner jek-rsync1 at
Thu May 27 00:17:30 GMT 2004

Wallace Matthews wrote:

> Wayne replied to my original note which said that in a special
> situation that I was using to probe rsync to build a behavioral model
> that bwlimit= resulted in bimodal behavior around a 4000 kbyte/sec
> value.
> bwlimit is not main line functionality. It is useful for doing things
> like I am doing, but how much effort should we put into it?? When
> rsync is doing what it was designed to do, we need it to run as fast
> as the network will allow it to run?? Or, is there value in
> throttling it during normal operation? How accurate does the throttle
> have to be?

One nice use for rsync is off-site disaster
backups which one might run on a "trickle" basis.
For a variety of users, having something built into
rsync that works "on the average" is good enough and
avoids the complexity of installing a separate rate

It sounds like Wayne's patch would be an improvement
to the rsync bwlimit feature.


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