Rsync Mirroring Problems

Dan Goodes dang at
Wed May 26 23:52:30 GMT 2004

Hi Folks,

For some time, we've been having some issues with our mirroring with
rsync. The symptoms are a broken transfer, with the 'cryptic' error

rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (1128806 bytes read so far)

(the number of bytes changes).

I've gone a number of hours searching with Google, and have heard a
variety of things. Some messages say that they see this behavior due to
using certain combinations of client and server. Others say they only see
this when using EXT3 FS (but  not with Reiser, XFS or EXT2).

I'm wondering if anybody hear has any insight into the problem? And more
importantly, how we fix it?

We're using the latest release of Rsync (2.6.2) built from source. I can't
find the ./configure line right this second - but will post it if I can
find it.

Any/all help greatly appreciated.


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