Looking to hire Rsync Windows & Linux expert for small project

sketchmaster at bestmail.us sketchmaster at bestmail.us
Tue May 25 13:15:36 GMT 2004

I am looking to hire an Rsync for Windows & Linux 
expert for a small project, paid by the hour.  I 
will need you to show me how to deploy Rsync, get 
it running in various Cygwin/non-Cygwin Windows 
environments, generate logfiles/exception 
reports, etc..  I already know and use Unison 
extensively (if you know what Unison is) but I 
cannot figure out Rsync.

Will of course work remotely over email, IM, and 
telephone but expert must be located in 
US/Canada/UK.  Looking to pay via Paypal.  You 
will be providing hands-on support for me, you 
won't need to build or manage any boxes.

Thank you


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