two-way synchronization accross a firewall fails

Wayne Davison wayned at
Mon May 24 18:08:43 GMT 2004

On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 11:46:35AM -0700, Tim Harsch wrote:
> both machines have an /etc/rsyncd.conf of:
> [rt]
>      path = /tmp/rsync_test
>      comment = Test area

Note that there is no "read only = no", so this area cannot be written
to.  That may well be why the upload command you mentioned failed.  It
is hard to know for sure, though, because the command you use creates
its own rsync daemon, and it doesn't look for the rsyncd.conf file in
/etc, but in the home dir of the user you are using for the ssh

> O runs rsync daemon, I initiates a rsync cammnad like
> rsync -rvvv --delete --rsh=ssh O::rt /tmp/rsync_test

As Tim said, there's no need to run a separate rsync daemon if you're
using an ssh connection, so skip that part.  However, he fails to point
out that it is possible to use "::" with -rsh=ssh if you want some of
the features of daemon mode (such as named directories or logging) but
still want to use ssh (just realize that users can do other copies
besides what is allowed in the config file unless you restrict the
remote commands that ssh allows to be run).

If you just want to transfer the files, simplify to something like this:

  rsync -rvvv --delete --rsh=ssh O:/tmp/rsync_test /tmp

  rsync -rvvv --delete --rsh=ssh /tmp/rsync_test  O:/tmp

Also, you'll probably want -t (unless you don't plan on updating the
files once they're transferred).


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