two-way synchronization accross a firewall fails

Paul Slootman paul at
Mon May 24 13:44:58 GMT 2004

On Thu 20 May 2004, Tim Harsch wrote:
> firewall allows ssh connections if inititiated from I to O, but not if the
> other way.
> both machines have an /etc/rsyncd.conf of:
> [rt]
>      path = /tmp/rsync_test
>      comment = Test area
> O runs rsync daemon, I initiates a rsync cammnad like
> rsync -rvvv --delete --rsh=ssh O::rt /tmp/rsync_test
> which works great, but when flipped and run on machine I, like so:
> rsync -rvvv --delete --rsh=ssh /tmp/rsync_test  O::rt

One thing that strikes me first:
If you're going to use ssh, don't use an rsync daemon
(and hence no :: paths, only : paths).

Paul Slootman

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