rsync output -vv differs with dry-run option

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Tue May 11 15:06:19 GMT 2004

I've noticed a difference between the dry-run and normal execution as well
using /usr/local/bin/rsync -avrnz --exclude-from=/davet/rsync.webmstr1
--stats webmstr at primey::webmstr1 /export/home/webmstr.

I'm not clear why, but it appears as if the dry run method, using -n, is not
reporting all the files that are actually effected. I'm basing this on the
report that rsync provides and am wondering if the -n only checks for files
that are actually going to be transferred while the -avrn report includes
empty diretories that will be created on the client side?

My two cents...


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I'm trying to figure out if a file has changed since the last rsync call. I 
use the following command line:

rsync -cvv /mnt/xxx/vol1/dbase/100/kunden.dbf /mnt/label | grep "^total: " 
| sed -e 's/.* data=//'

This gives a 0 if the file is unchanged and the file size if the file has 
changed. Adding the "dry-run" option "n" to the command line always gives a 
0. I wonder if this is a expected behaviour?

 Claas Hilbrecht

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