--delete with fantasy

Marcus Müller marcusmueller at gmx.de
Mon Mar 29 21:38:23 GMT 2004


I am using rsync quite a while and it's just great in terms of bandwidth and
speed. However, I have run into a configuration which causes me serious

I got two directories, one on a linux file server and at another location a
folder on a windows 2k file server which I want to synchronize over a ssh
internet connection. The problem is that both are working directories and
hence, in both directories files are added, changed and deleted. I am
looking for a solution which propagates the deletions but does not remove
the added files between two synchronization events. Unfortunately,
the --delete option does what it is supposed to and removes the newly added
files also.

Does anybody have the same problem and found a solution with rsync and some
fantasy ?

Many thanks in advance


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