Rsync doesn't log properly when in standalone daemon mode

Joseph Tam tam at
Fri Mar 26 09:17:27 GMT 2004

I'm trying to get over an exasperating problem with rsync 2.5.7, but
I'm not making any headway.  The nut of the problem is that the
rsync daemon seemingly ignores the "syslog facility" configuration
when running in standalone daemon mode, as opposed to being started
with inetd.

So, for example, if I have my configuration file with

		pid file	= /etc/rsync/
		lock file	= /etc/rsync/rsyncd.lock
		use chroot	= true
		max connections	= 1
		hosts deny	=
		read only	= true
		list		= false
		uid		= nobody
		gid		= nobody
		secrets file	= /etc/rsync/secrets
		ignore errors	= true
		transfer logging= false
		syslog facility	= uucp
	#	log file	= /tmp/rsyncd.log
		timeout		= 30

	... blah blah blah ...

I get log entries in the uucp log files when running out of inetd.  But
running as a standalone daemon with the same config file, log entries
get dumped into the default syslog facility: daemon.

I've tried fiddling with file permissions on the configuration file and
these configuration variables,

	use chroot = false
	transfer logging = true
	syslog facility =  different facilities

and even logging to a file, but it still logs to the daemon syslog.  Is there
some subtlety I'm missing here?  Any light shed here would be appreciated.
Othwerwise I guess I patch the source.

On another tangential topic, why does logging on the server get controlled
by the client?  I'd like to have the client determine the verboseness of
their rsync output without having it also filling up server log files with
useless details.

Joseph Tam <tam at>

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