Root access over ssh?

Tim Conway conway at
Thu Mar 25 19:04:12 GMT 2004


You have to have a "uid = 0" in the rsyncd.conf file for that module, 
since only root can give away files, and also bypass all (except over NFS, 
etc.) file protections.

For (insert diety's name here)'s sake, don't use "/" for a path, and don't 
leave it un-chrooted, unless you're putting up a honeypot or something.

You might want to password-protect that module, too, to inhibit casual 
unwanted file modification.

If you have this
path = /
read-only = no
In your rsyncd.conf,
you might as well also add "opendoor    stream  tcp     nowait  root 
/bin/sh sh" to your inetd.conf and "opendoor    666" to services.
Maybe you could hide behind excludes, but I wouldn't count on it.

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Paul Galbraith <paul at> 
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03/25/2004 10:00 AM

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Root access over ssh?

Is it possible to configure rsync in server mode, to gain access to root 
protected files, without the user having to log in as root through ssh?

I'd prefer to login as a regular user through ssh and access an rysnc 
server on the host that's running as root.  As far as I can tell, 
however, that's not I wrong?
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