Root access over ssh?

Brian Chase networkr0 at
Thu Mar 25 18:30:16 GMT 2004

I'm not the command line guru, but it is my understanding that if you've 
got rsyncd running at boot time, any user can rsync over ssh to his or 
her home directories without requiring root access.

I can't imagine a time when you'd need them to access other directories, 
except maybe /var/html and subs, but if you do, symbolic links and a few 
chmod's might be in order to accomplish this.

Hope to hear more from others on this to either confirm or rebuke my 



Paul Galbraith wrote:

> Is it possible to configure rsync in server mode, to gain access to root 
> protected files, without the user having to log in as root through ssh?
> I'd prefer to login as a regular user through ssh and access an rysnc 
> server on the host that's running as root.  As far as I can tell, 
> however, that's not I wrong?

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