Where is my bottleneck?

Tomasz Ciolek tmc at dreamcraft.com.au
Thu Mar 11 05:11:04 GMT 2004

whats your rsync invocation lines?

On Thu, Mar 11, 2004 at 12:04:21AM -0500, Marc Abel wrote:
> I'm running rsync via ssh on two machines connected with 100 Mbit/s
> Ethernet cards (at high speed) via a Linksys switch.  It's all right
> here in a single closet.  I'm sending large files (initial transfer,
> nothing preexists on the destination machine) and seeing transfer rates
> in the 2 Mbit/s range.  The CPUs on both machines are more than 90%
> idle, and I upped the --block-size to 256 kilobytes.  Disk activity is
> very light.  Fedora Core 1, i686.
> I don't expect 100 Mbit/s by any means, but 2?  Is this typical?  What
> am I missing?
> Thanks a million!
> Marc Abel
> Powell, Ohio
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