Seperate Log Files Per "Account"

Clint Boggio clint.boggio at
Wed Mar 10 14:15:26 GMT 2004

Good day all. I was wondering if the "log file = /path/to/logfile" could
be used per module as opposed to being a global parameter. My goal is to
have each individual module log to a different file in order to keep
customer's transactions seperate. I have tried in the global parameter
section "log file = /var/log/rsync/$LOGNAME/rysnc.log" to no avail.
Perhaps I should create the directory for each corresponding user in
/var/log/rsync and touch the rsync.log within their lof directory ?  I
am using the latest rsync on red hat 9.0 boxes. Thank you all in advance
for any input you could give me in this matter.
Clint Boggio <clint.boggio at>
Hogan Hardwoods & Moulding

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