rsync without a "data pool"

Tim Conway conway at
Mon Mar 8 23:43:50 GMT 2004

You can rsync back over the same data, and only the changes will be 
brought over.  If you're looking for an incremental backup sort of a deal, 
use the --backup-dir option, which will save changed files over to a new 
directory, so you can reach back in history.
The ability to roll the filesystem back to a specific data, including not 
having things there that were added later, is a bit stickier, but there 
are professional packages to handle that.  ADSM(tradename has been changed 
to "TSM" now) is particularly sweet in that regard, and I hear the Veritas 
NetBackup is nice, too.

Tim Conway
Unix System Administration
Contractor - IBM Global Services
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