rsync without a "data pool"

Clint Boggio clint.boggio at
Mon Mar 8 22:35:50 GMT 2004

Good day to all. I would like to congradulate you all on a brilliant
product. I have been watching this list for some time as I find the
topics most informative.

I have a carefully crafted question that I would like to ask you guys.
But first some info to help give you a better picture. I am using a RH
9.0 box and the latest rsync to backup different servers to an offsite
data facility. The server being backed up are also RH 9 with the latest

I have acquired so enough customers that space on the rsync server is
running low and I am looking for ways to curb the space needed to update
the customers "account". I have rsync run from the customer's server to
the rsync box nightly after the end of day process has run and activity
has stopped. after the system is synced up with the customer, the system
makes an archive of that customer's data for that day from the updated
data. The problem is, that the "pool" of data that is used to create the
archive is in some cases, huge. Is there a way to make rsync sync up the
changes without actually having the data on the server ? 

Thank you very much for any help that you can render from this message.
If there is anything else I could tell you to clear up any uncertainty,
please let me know.

Cheers; C
Clint Boggio <clint.boggio at>
Hogan Hardwoods & Moulding

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