Win32 and Backing up open files

Tarun Karra tarun820 at
Thu Mar 4 00:21:03 GMT 2004

It was long back that i read the "white paper"  for st.Bernard Open file manager.
I felt some similarity between stbernard open file manager and RSYNC. One similarity is both of them break the file into peices. 
What stbernad open file manager does is it continually moniters the system. It maintains peices of files that are being used by different process. When ever you try to backup some file which is open by any process."WRITE LOCK" .The backup software can backup the peices of file that is not being written to and the st bernard open file manager gives the previous version of the peice of file that is being written to. So what i think essentially happens is you cannot have a real-time backup but you are guarenteed to have a backup with some delay.
CAN we design RSYNC Client and Server in a way that it does some thing similar to this. 
Correct me if iam wrong.
just a thought.

Jason Haar <Jason.Haar at> wrote:
On Wed, 2004-03-03 at 07:07, Jason M. Felice wrote:
> I now fully and completely remember why I hate Windows.

Good. Everyone needs reminding now and then :-)

> ... a program
> under Windows can _NOT_ open a file which has been opened if the
> original opener has not specified read sharing. No matter what.

Yup. That's part of the reason why you have to use "special" versions of
NTBackup/etc to backup Exchange and SQL servers. As these files are
always in use, there is no way you can read 'em. 

On a Unix system, you can still access/backup your SQL databases as
files - even when they are in use. Whether that's a good idea I leave
for others to discover the hard way... ;-)


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