rsync between gateway and workstation

Jim Salter jim at
Wed Mar 3 18:50:58 GMT 2004

Assuming you have sshd up and running on the remote box, and a user 
named "backup" which can log in interactively, you could do something 
like the following:

rsync -av --rsh="/usr/bin/ssh" 
backup at

Note that many *nix distributions / ssh installations (quite properly) 
do not allow direct remote root login over ssh.


> Hi Jim,
> Thanks for your reply.
> Read the man rsync...even printed it....but well it looks a lot like shorthand 
> to me. 
> Kindly some pointers if other howto or whatever excist. I did research as best 
> I could..but....maybe ....i don't have enough between the ears??
> Rsync over ssh...will only once in a while when changes done on gateway.
> Kindly an example as per my situation. When in plain english I usually get 
> along.......even improve once in a while.........but the choice is yours.
> Thanks
> Johan
> **************************
> On Wednesday 03 March 2004 19:51, Jim Salter wrote:
>>There are many different ways to accomplish this.  Are you wanting to
>>use rsync in daemon mode, or rsync over an ssh transport?
>>I hate to deliver the stock answer, but it sounds like you need to RTFM
>>a bit and then try us back if you still can't get it to work.
>>>Have one workstation
>>>Have one gateway for access to internet
>>>Connection between them by crossover cable.
>>>Only this 2 boxes.
>>>Want to copy the gateway /home/ directory to the workstation on
>>>Both sides of copy is on ext3.
>>>Rsync is installed on both boxes ... both using Suse 9.0.
>>>The users on both will be root in this case.
>>>I only have this kind of setup for a week. Used to be standalone.
>>>Kindly the full commandline command to accomplish this please..taking
>>>account the above directory/partition info.
>>>don't seem to get it right myself, can use rsync on workstation to

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