rsync 2.6.2 doesn't work with GNU inetutils rsh

Tim Conway conway at
Tue Jun 8 16:42:24 GMT 2004

The library I referred to was getopt.  It just seems to be trying to be a 
bit too clever... kind of like the automatic tuning radios in Hitch 
Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  I didn't know about the existing oddity in 
rsh.  Thanks for the education.

Tim Conway
Unix System Administration
Contractor - IBM Global Services
conway at

Hmm. To be fair, rsh has always been an outlier - it's allowed flags
to follow the hostname ever since I can remember.  And there are
other fine examples of tradition like tar and dd which are hardly
exemplary.  If anything, I'd feel things are slowly getting better.
But for interest, which new library do you refer to above?

> You will have to write an rsh wrapper.

Hmm. That was actually what I did yesterday. It's not the right
solution to expect every end user to do that though.

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