include directory and all files under

Jon Drukman jsd at
Wed Jun 2 00:49:16 GMT 2004

Tim Conway wrote:
> I personally have never used include/excludes, but I remember reading the 
> man page a few years ago, and though it was very well written, I've never 
> had a scenario where they were appropriate.  From your specification, I 
> don't think you do either.   Simplify.

the main use i've found for them is if you have tons and tons of 
directories, but similarly named files in those directories that need 
syncing.  for instance i've got a web site with thousands of product 
directories, and there might be a file named "review.html" in all those 
directories.   in that case i run the following include/exclude file:

+ /
+ review*.html
- *.html
- *.php

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