only 1.3 of 12 GB will transfer from OSX to Linux

Anthony DiSante orders at
Wed Jul 28 18:44:34 GMT 2004


I'm having trouble transferring files from an rsync server on Mac OSX to a 
Linux machine.  I'm doing everything as root on both ends to make sure it's 
not a permissions issue, but still can't get all the files to transfer.

I have the rsync server running on OSX as root, like this:

server:/Users root# cat /etc/rsyncd.conf
path = /Users
read only = true
transfer logging = no

server:/Users root# ps -alx|grep rsync
     0  1658     1   0  31  0    18268    372 -      Ss    ??    0:00.01 
rsync --daemon

On the client, I run this:

[client:/tmp/server/Users]# rsync -av --delete server::user_docs/ 
receiving file list ... done
wrote 197 bytes  read 13348 bytes  27090.00 bytes/sec
total size is 1304385724  speedup is 96300.16

So it looks like client:/tmp/server/Users/ should now be a mirror of 
server:/Users/, right?  But it isn't:

server:/Users root# ls -R1a|grep [[:graph:]]|grep -vE "/|^.$|^..$"|wc
    14230   18850  227942
server:/Users root# du -sh
  12G    .

[client:/tmp/server/Users]# ls -R1a|grep [[:graph:]]|grep -vE "/|^.$|^..$"|wc
     561     639   10926
[client:/tmp/server/Users]# du -sh
1.3G    .

Also, if I re-run the rsync command once it's already been done, it gives me 
this single IO error:

[client:/tmp/server/Users]# rsync -avvv --delete server::user_docs/ 
received 568 names
recv_file_list done
get_local_name count=568 /tmp/server/Users/
IO error encountered - skipping file deletion
generator starting pid=4384 count=568
delta transmission enabled
.DS_Store is uptodate

If I use the --ignore-errors option, then it doesn't print that error, but 
either way, I still end up with only 1.3GB on the client, when there's 12GB 
on the server.

Any ideas?

Anthony DiSante

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