Sad news about JW Schultz

Jim Salter jim at
Wed Jul 28 04:09:40 GMT 2004

Damn, I hate to hear that.  Here's to JW's memory, he is missed.

Thanks for letting us know, Wayne.


>I was saddened to learn today that JW Schultz was found dead back on
>March 27th of this year.  JW was a big help in the recent development of
>rsync and I sorely missed his presence during the last release cycle.
>JW was also the author of the Dirvish backup software, and Keith
>Lofstrom (who provided me with the sad news) has plans to put some
>memorial information onto the new dirvish site as details become
>available ( ).
>JW: thanks for all your help!  Your cyber legacy lives on.  I'm sure
>that those who knew you well continue to have your memory in their

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