not sure how to read the log

Iavor Raytchev pobox at
Mon Jul 26 18:46:37 GMT 2004


Still a bit odd.

Isn't there some clear explanation of the messages rsync outputs? Somebody
has made it output them and there should be a more or less clear reason why.


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On Thu, Jul 22, 2004 at 12:45:01AM +0200, Iavor Raytchev wrote:
"REMOTH_PATH_TO_E_MAIL_MESSAGE_HERE": No such file or directory

That looks like the message from the end of the transfer, but it's hard to
know for sure with it mangled like that.  The "no such file or directory"
error for a rename typically means that a directory is missing.  Or perhaps
the filename contains a character that is confusing XP?


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