Identical files showing in dry-run

Mark Round mark at
Thu Jul 22 10:22:10 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I've got a problem with rsync 2.6.2 on Solaris/SPARC (one system is 
Solaris 8, the other is Solaris 9). I'm trying to get a list of files 
that have changed on one server (a development web server) and another 
(a live web server).

I am using rsync as follows :-

rsync -Icrn --exclude='.svn' --stats -e "ssh" [source dir] 
[user at webserver:dest dir]

As far as I understand, this should stop rsync from using "quick" checks 
such as file size and modified time (-I), and forces it to look at the 
checksums of each file (-c), as well as missing out any Subversion 
directories (.svn).

However, each time I try this, instead of showing only the files that 
have changed, it returns a list of every file in the source directory. 
Most of these files are identical on both servers - a check using 
gmd5sum on both systems confirms this.

The same thing happens when I use different criteria, such as --size-only.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong, or what I should be doing ?

Thanks in advance,


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