[Windows] Unable to delete files transfered by rsync

Chang Wooi Po sanpee at myjaring.net
Tue Jul 13 16:48:38 GMT 2004

Yes, of course. It should be very easy.

Except, the only funny thing is I actually couldn't find security tab in the
file properties.

However, after searching in google, here's what I got.

The security is by default turn off in WinXP. In order to turn it back on in
XP, just go to Window Explorer, Tools->Folder Option->View, scroll the the
last item on the list, "Use simple file sharing", turn off the option and
you shall see security tab in file properties page now. According the
website too, this only applicable to XP-Pro, XP-Home doesn't seems to have
this option.


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> > Now, how could I delete or change attribute or the files on machine1
> > other then having to reformat the drive.
> You simply need to gain owership of the files.
> Select the files, pop up the properties.
> Choose the security tab and see who does have permission to access these
> If its not an administrator then click on the Advanced icon under the
listing of the permissions.
> Then choose Owner and change the owner to someone who is an admin of the
> Obviously you need to logon to XP as a administrator.
> You can avoid this problem in the future by ensuring that the rsync server
rsync.conf file uses the uid, gid of an adminstrator or a username/groupname
of an account that can normally access these files?
> Does the username you set up to run rsync as a Service also set up to be
in the same group that has permission to access these files.

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