[Windows] Unable to delete files transfered by rsync

Stuart Halliday StuartH at ecs-tech.com
Wed Jul 14 09:00:40 GMT 2004

> Yes, of course. It should be very easy.
> Except, the only funny thing is I actually couldn't find security tab in
> the file properties.
> However, after searching in google, here's what I got.
> The security is by default turn off in WinXP. In order to turn it back on
> in XP, just go to Window Explorer, Tools->Folder Option->View, scroll the
> the
> last item on the list, "Use simple file sharing", turn off the option and
> you shall see security tab in file properties page now. According the
> website too, this only applicable to XP-Pro, 

> XP-Home doesn't seems to have this option.

Ahhhh you never said you had XP Home!

Perhaps it uses 'simple file sharing' by default?

If you've got the files on a NTFS disc you can't delete then there should be some sort of security or user permission control you (if you're logged on as a Administrator) can alter.

Either that or you need to perform a chkdsk to ensure the disc file structure isn't damaged. Perhaps check the files aren't just readonly protected?

Sorry, I've never used this horrible castrated version of XP so I can't really help any further. :-)

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