--link-dest not working with rsync daemon?

Alberto Accomazzi aaccomazzi at cfa.harvard.edu
Tue Jan 27 02:57:32 GMT 2004

Wayne Davison wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 26, 2004 at 04:14:14PM -0500, Alberto Accomazzi wrote:
>>I am puzzled as to why I can't get the option --link-dest to work 
>>properly.  When I use this option when both source and destinations are 
>>on a local filesystem the hard-linking of the target against the 
>>link-dest directory does work, but when the source is a remote directory 
>>(via ssh or rsync server) hard links are not created.
> This is something that is fixed in the CVS version.  You can work around
> the problem in 2.6.0 by not specifying (or implying) the -o (--owner)
> option (when running as non-root).  So, change your -a option into the
> options -rlptgD, and it should work fine.


indeed you're correct on this one.  Guess I should have tried CVS before 
starting to whine ;-)

Let me take this opportunity to thank you personally for taking on the 
task of pushing out the latest rsync release and for your and jw's 
continuing work on this.  I know a lot of people have contributed 
patches and ideas to rsync but it does take a few good men to pull it 
all together.  I think you guys are doing a top-notch job.  So I think I 
speak for all the readers on the list when I say we are all *very* 
grateful for all you've done and are doing.

And while I'm still on the line: do you have any ideas about upcoming 
releases?  There was some discussion prior to releasing 2.6.0 about what 
should be tackled next, but I'm not sure there was consensus beyond what 
became 2.6.0.


-- Alberto

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