rsyncd bug for sym-links

Kirby Bakken kirbyb at
Wed Jan 14 14:12:27 GMT 2004

I'm 99% sure there is a bug in rsync when running in daemon mode on a 
'remote' server.  The bug is that when trying to rsync a sym-link, the 
daemon 'leg' of the code strips off the leading path separator (for linux, 
this would be a '/').  I have produced a 'fixed' version of the code and 
we have been using it for at least 6 months.  We've also used the same 
code to rsync sym-links in 'non-daemon mode' and it appears to work fine.  
Although I'm pretty certain of the fix for daemon rsync, I am unsure if my 
fix affects non-daemon operation.....  At any rate, for your 
consideration, here is the description of the fix:

flist.c:63 add: extern int am_daemon;

flist.c:531 (was 530) modify: if (sanitize_paths && !am_daemon) {

Kirby Bakken
ESW Build Architect
Rochester, MN
email: kirbyb at
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