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Sun Jan 4 23:01:44 GMT 2004

not logging into it, either by hitting escape at the login prompt, or=20
configuring it to not ask, thus, it has no idea what username you are.  Am =

I right?

Tim Conway
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perl -e 'print pack(nnnnnnnnnnnn,=20
".\n" '
"There are some who call me.... Tim?"

Francois Chenais <francois at>
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05/06/2002 10:09 AM

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        Subject:        CYGWIN rsync


                 while using CYGWIN rsync to get file from a linux box=20
(ssh), it fails
                 saying someting like=20

                                 no user id ...

                 any idea of what's happening ?

                                 Thanks a lot


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