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Sun Jan 4 23:01:44 GMT 2004

     Some paths on the remote server may require  authentication.
     If  so then you will receive a password prompt when you con-
     nect. You can avoid  the  password  prompt  by  setting  the
     environment variable RSYNC_PASSWORD to the password you want
     to use or using the --password-file option. This may be use-
     ful when scripting rsync.
Wonderful thing, those man pages.
Good luck.

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        Subject:        Re: using rsync to backup windows workstations

I have about 12 NT servers that I want to backup 1 directory to my Linux
Server.  The problem I am having is trying to get it not to ask for the
user's password.  I am trying to use ssh.  I just installed the latest
cygwin on my NT server (1.3.4).  Rsync is 2.4.6.  What I have tried was on
the NT machine, I ran ssh-keygen (no passphrase) and then added the to the Linux box in the /home/thomas/.ssh/authorized_keys.
When I run:
rsync -uv -e ssh *.* thomas at linuxbox:backup/
it asks for a password.  Besides asking for the password, it works fine.
Only the files changed are updated and it is FAST! I saw the ssh-agent. Do
I need to use it? and how?  Is there something I need to do on my Linux
server?  I am pretty new to Linux, and have a long way to go to be an
"expert", but I can get around.

Thanks for any help.

Thomas Lambert
DSC Associates, Inc.
thomas at

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Subject: Re: using rsync to backup windows workstations

> As officially I'm the mantainer of cygwin's rsync package I feel I must
> something.. 0=)
> > a) rsync binaries for win32/cygwin are now available from the binaries
> >    section of the rsync web pages, maintained by someone at redhat I
> Maintained by me, I don't work for redhat, and sadly I have a bit too
little time
> to maintain it as I should...
> > b) the version attached is so old that you really shouldn't attempt to
use  it.
> >    Get the latest CVS version and add Wayne Davison's patches (see
> >    mailing list archives), in particular for use with Windoze systems,
> >    then compile it yourself with cygwin
> ...but not so little not to compile it with Wayne's patches (actual 
is the
> latest anti-hang available at the date of the release of cygwin's
> package) ;-)
> If there's some patch that I missed (I read this mailing list since when 
began to
> mantain that package, but reading only headers of most messages maybe I
> something...) please point it to me and I'll release a new verison 
> Please note that I'm not an "expert programmer" of rsync, just a person
that likes
> and uses it (and wants maybe to become such an expert, btw): in cygwin 
> can't exist in the distribution if there's not a mantainer... so I hope
that the
> effort I put in it is not wasted, even if it's maybe not enough... [I've
got a bit
> of guild for that eheh]
> > c) it's easy to compile under cygwin, and cygwin is easy to install, 
> >    strongly recommend doing that
> That's true, it compiles out-of-the box.
> The main problem is that in winsocks if the socket is closed a RST is
sent, not
> flushing the cache.
> This creates many errors at the end of trasnfer, especially in the 
> (which is not addressed by the patch I used, I bet).
> > d) also install openssh which compiles cleanly under cygwin and is 
> >    more reliable than the ssh that is attached here
> Compiles cleanly and is available as a binary.
> If anyone wants to ask some more question.. feel free, even if I don't
know nothing
> "special" about it, as I said I had not had the time to completely study
> understand rsync source...
> C ya,
> Lapo
> --
> Lapo Luchini
> lapo at (PGP & X.509 keys available)
> (ICQ UIN: 529796)

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