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Unless told otherwise, rsync uses rsh to contact the remote system.=20
Another popular option is ssh.  Both of these protocols use the logged-in=20
username, unless specified otherwise.  What rsync really does is "rsh=20
remotehost rsync --server-and-other-undocumented-options".  If you can't=20
"rsh server rsync --version", rsync won't work with rsh.  Same with ssh. I =

think that tif you're going to an actual rsync server, the rsync daemon,=20
started with 'rsync --daemon', it offers your current username if the=20
rsyncd asks(anon rsyncd is more common).

In your question "The other way around is allow rsh without unix user speci=
fied in the=20
command (without -l user) but i dont kwon how to make it work!"... The way =
to get rsh to work without specifying the user is to have the=20
invoking user exist on the target machine.  That's very basic unix.

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Hello all!

                 Does anybody knows what user specifies rsync if i dont=20
user user at host, just
                 Maybe i can create an account for that user and make it=20
                 The other way around is allow rsh without unix user=20
specified in the
command (without -l user) but i dont kwon how to make it work! Any idea?

                 Thanks! :-D

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