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Tue Feb 24 00:30:13 GMT 2004

On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 05:04:00PM -0700, Walls Rob W Contr 75 CS/SCBS wrote:
> Thought my troubles were fixed, but files disappeared again and reappeared
> after a few dozen rsync cycles.
> I am mapping a Win2K directory to Linux with Samba. That mounted directory
> is then Rsynced to another Linux box on a schedule (Linux to Linux, because
> I can't run rsync on the windows machine).
> For some unknown reason, several thousand files are periodically (after
> several days) deleted from the remote Linux box. Running Rsync a few dozen
> times seems to get things back to normal, but causes great stress to myself
> and my users.
> I am using the delete option, but these files should not be deleted, because
> they haven't changed. Files eventually get back in sync. I can't figure out
> why they are deleted in the first place.
> Any ideas on what to check? 

Firstly, smbfs on linux is related to samba but is not samba.
By "mapping a Win2K directory to Linux with Samba" i assume
you mean "mounting a smb/cifs share from a W2K server with
smbfs on linux".  Assuming that clarification is correct we
can now procede.

Given that this simply doesn't seem to be happenning with
other filesystems i expect that either smbfs or the W2K
server are intermittantly dropping entries as readdir is
done.  It may be there is a bug in smbfs or even in W2K but
it may simply be that directory reading over smb cannot be
done coherently if there are long delays between readdir()
calls on largish directories.

If this were happening with local filesystems i would
suggest send_directory() be refactored (or do it myself)
to reduce the time spent with a directory open.

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