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Rodney rodney at interopsystems.com
Thu Feb 12 16:35:48 GMT 2004

For compiling anything on Interix (SFU) you should set the
environment variables:
    CPPFLAGS="-D_ALL_SOURCE -I/usr/local/include"

The latter two will cause "configure" to pick up any post installed libraries
and headers (not that they are needed in this case). The "-D_ALL_SOURCE"
opens up the guards in the header files for prototypes (since Interix is
being SUS compliant).

Changes I did to rsync were just for references to the "root" uid of 0 (zero).
I replaced all references of uid comparisons to 0 with a macro (ROOT_UID)
and then made a conditional define for ROOT_UID to be 0 when not Interix
and when Interix to be 197108 (local administrator which is the "root"


darren wrote:

> Hi Dmitry,
> I've not had time to test it under SFU 3.5 - job for next week !
> I tried to compile rsync under SFU 3.5 .. and got into a world of pain
> with header files...
> http://www.interopsystems.com/tools/forum/tm.asp?m=708&p=1&tmode=1&smode
> =1&cookieCheck=349585534
> But then Rodney at Interop systems did it for me..
> http://www.interopsystems.com/tools/warehouse.htm
> ftp://ftp.interopsystems.com/pkgs/3.5/rsync-2.6.0-bin.tgz
> Although it's nice to have a static binary of rsync, having been reading
> the rsync mailing list the last few weeks now, it would seem that it
> would be better to compile rsync from source as it develops.  I had no
> idea it was so actively under development !
> So, could you please detail the steps you took to sucessfully compile
> rsync under SFU 3.5 ?? 
> Cheers,
> Darren.
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> Hello!
> I just compiled rsync 2.6.0 on SFU 3.5 and it works :-)
> Did somebody test it for real work?
> Thank you!

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