SFU? rsync

Dmitry Melekhov dm at belkamneft.ru
Thu Feb 12 04:16:57 GMT 2004

darren wrote:

>Hi Dmitry,
>I've not had time to test it under SFU 3.5 - job for next week !
>I tried to compile rsync under SFU 3.5 .. and got into a world of pain
>with header files...
>But then Rodney at Interop systems did it for me..
>Although it's nice to have a static binary of rsync, having been reading
>the rsync mailing list the last few weeks now, it would seem that it
>would be better to compile rsync from source as it develops.  I had no
>idea it was so actively under development !
>So, could you please detail the steps you took to sucessfully compile
>rsync under SFU 3.5 ?? 

I compiled 2.6.0 as usual-

Only problem, I found- it doesn't work with paths correctly-
i.e. it says that it can't find files if I start it not from shell :-(
 From shell all works OK.
I'm newbie in SFU (installed it yesterday) , so could you tell me how 
can I run rsync directly from
windows command prompt?
btw, is there any speed improvements over cygwin ? I don't undrestand yet...

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>I just compiled rsync 2.6.0 on SFU 3.5 and it works :-)
>Did somebody test it for real work?
>Thank you!

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