can not start rsync, address already in use

Paul Slootman paul at
Mon Dec 20 17:57:10 GMT 2004

On Mon 20 Dec 2004, gdp at wrote:

> I am running the following command to start the rsync server manually
> rsync --daemon
>  Then I am getting the following error
> 2004/12/20 22:41:40 [3396] rsyncd version 2.5.7 starting, listening on
> port 873
> 2004/12/20 22:41:40 [3396] rsync: open inbound socket on port 873 failed:
> Addres
> s already in use
> 2004/12/20 22:41:40 [3396] rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at
> socket.c
> (394)
> Can anybody help me.

It sounds pretty clear to me: something is already listening to port 873.
Perhaps an rsync daemon is already running? Perhaps you first had inetd
configured to listen to port 873?

On some systems you can do "fuser 873/tcp" to show what's using that

Aside: while you're at it, why not upgrade to the latest version of

Paul Slootman

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