rsync: chgrp ... Operation not permitted

Pascal Perez etlachatte at
Mon Dec 20 21:18:12 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I've installed rsync to synchronize my linux box and my PowerBook.

I have a server whose conf file looks like

use chroot = yes
uid = www
gid = lha.utils
path = /var/hdb/letters
read only = no
list = yes
auth users = pascal,lha
secrets file = /etc/rsyncd.secret

but when the client tries to write I have:

rsync: chgrp "/file/path/here" failed: Operation not permitted (a number)

error messages.

I would like to have the distant machine write on the server as the user www 
and group lha.utils, doesn't "use chroot" say that?

Any help welcome...


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