Extending --log-format

Adam Sampson azz at us-lot.org
Fri Aug 27 18:51:23 GMT 2004

Christophe Kalt <rsync at klb.taranis.org> writes:

> I'd like to extend rsync's --log-format to be more detailed
> and ultimately work in --dry-run mode.

We (at the UK Mirror Service, http://www.mirrorservice.org/) need our
rsync to work with --dry-run, so we use this brute-force patch. We're
actually using it against 2.6.2 these days -- that bit of code hasn't
changed much for a while...

diff -cr rsync-2.4.1-vanilla/receiver.c rsync-2.4.1/receiver.c
*** rsync-2.4.1-vanilla/receiver.c	Sat Jan 29 11:35:03 2000
--- rsync-2.4.1/receiver.c	Wed Feb  2 17:56:26 2000
*** 353,358 ****
--- 353,360 ----
  			if (!am_server) {
  				log_transfer(file, fname);
+ 			initial_stats = stats;
+ 			log_recv(file, &initial_stats);

I've got a few other UKMS patches to rsync that I'll try and push to
the list at some point in the near future: incoming rsync
notification, virtual filesystem support, and maybe a couple of other

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