Extending --log-format

Christophe Kalt rsync at klb.taranis.org
Fri Aug 27 14:56:06 GMT 2004


I'd like to extend rsync's --log-format to be more detailed
and ultimately work in --dry-run mode.  While i need both of
these enhancements, i would rather not maintain such mods over
time for our local use, so before i work on this, i'd like to
hear back that this is indeed desirable/desired, as well as
any advice, suggestion or feedback you may have in the hope
to see this included in the distribution.

My basic goals are to
- extend --log-format's %o to describe more of the action
  taken: "install" (a new file), "update" an existing file,
  "delete" a file, "skip" an excluded file, "uptodate"..
  (Note that the last two are currently not logged by --log-format)

- say something for everything (e.g. not just files but also
  directories, ..)

- go beyond "update" by listing exactly what is updated
  (permissions, data, timestamps, ..)

Hopefully, once that is done, --dry-run mode can be improved
to support --log-format.

Let me know what you think.

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