rsync and tunneling via ssh

Paul Slootman paul at
Thu Aug 26 15:27:10 GMT 2004

On Thu 26 Aug 2004, Jean-Gabriel Duquesnoy wrote:
> I have setup a rsync server with a rsync running as a deamon, due to security
> rules I cannot open the rsync standard port (873) in the firewall.
> We have to tunnel rsync through ssh.
> On the client side, which is linux kernel 2.4 I have made the following script,
> but
> ssh -i /home/ifao/bin/traveltest -f -C -L
> cytric at localhost sleep 1000
> rsync -auz --password-file=rsync.cib --delete
> rsync://rsync@localhost:2211/cibimg /home/ifao/www/cib2

Please post this again, now with word wrapping switched off because this
is pretty unclear....

Also, you're connecting with ssh to localhost?! What's the point of the
tunnel then?  I expect you want something more like:

ssh -i /home/ifao/bin/traveltest -f -C -L 2211:localhost:8730 cytric at

Paul Slootman

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