rsync and tunneling via ssh

Jean-Gabriel Duquesnoy duquesnoy at
Thu Aug 26 15:14:53 GMT 2004


I have setup a rsync server with a rsync running as a deamon, due to security
rules I cannot open the rsync standard port (873) in the firewall.
We have to tunnel rsync through ssh.
On the client side, which is linux kernel 2.4 I have made the following script,
ssh -i /home/ifao/bin/traveltest -f -C -L
cytric at localhost sleep 1000
rsync -auz --password-file=rsync.cib --delete
rsync://rsync@localhost:2211/cibimg /home/ifao/www/cib2

But when running it, I get the following message:
channel 2: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused

What have I done wrong? I already have gone through much of the mailing list,
gathering information from the previous postings, but nothing could solve this
problem up to now.
Anybody having an idea what might be wrong or needs to be done differently?

Thanks in advance,

Jean-Gabriel Duquesnoy

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