Problem related to time-stamp

Tim Conway conway at
Thu Aug 26 14:20:57 GMT 2004

The environment variable RSYNC_PASSORD and commandline parameter 
--password-file= are for authenticating against an rsync server.  If 
you're going through ssh, you don't have an rsync question.  If you can't 
"ssh remotehost date" without a password, rsync isn't going to fake up a 
tty and play expect with ssh for you.  Make a passphraseless ssh key, and 
keep it out of the hands of your enemies.  You can even set the 
authorized_keys file to permit only rsync to be run over that session.

Tim Conway
Unix System Administration
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Sorry to disturb u again,
but now i have one more very small problem.
we need not to supply the password on command line
when we will use rsync for transferring files from one
m/c to another,i want to fix login name as well as
passord for a particular m/c.
I try out the option of seting the environment
variable RSYNC_PASSORD and --password-file=FILE .
but both of them is not solve my purpose.
or may be i m not using them in proper way so kindly
gave me ur suggestions regarding the login name and

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