Syncing with --files-from

David E. Meier dev at
Thu Aug 19 17:06:23 GMT 2004

Thanks Wayne. I have updated to 2.6.2 and it works now. I am using RH9
(rsync v2.5.5) and I was not aware that this option is that new for rsync.
Sorry for the hassle. Dave

> On Thu, Aug 19, 2004 at 06:26:06PM +0200, David E. Meier wrote:
>> I assume rsync sets "--files-from=-" because it is not able to find the
>> file on the remote side.
> No, it sends that option to the remote side because you're pulling data
> and it has to pass the requested file list to the remote sender (that
> option is telling the server to expect the list of files over the
> socket).
>> rsync: on remote machine: --files-from=-: unknown option
> Note the above error -- it didn't say anything about not finding a file,
> it said "unknown option".  This means that the remote rsync needs to be
> upgraded if you want to use --files-from.
> ..wayne..

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